BitLock: unlock your bike with your smartphone

Doesn’t matter what city you live in, there’s always a fear of someone stealing your bike. Not to mention, we’ve all heard of someone who has lost their keys and having to call a locksmith to break your bike free, only to have to go and buy yet another lock. Want to say goodbye to these worries?

The Bitlock has reinvented the bike lock- no more losing your keys. Using the BitLock app you can connect to your custom BitLock, allowing you to unlock it without taking out your phone, similar to keyless entries for cars.

For $149, the lock may sound expensive, but get this- the app allows you to track your bike via GPS, share its location with friends and even unlock the bike for other users. Obsessed with your Fitbit? This app also tracks how many miles you’ve rode and calories burned. Hello staying fit and tech-savvy at the same time.

Jessica NaziriComment