Facebook is still trying to make the Portal happen

Facebook’s Portal TV device will let you “co-watch” Facebook videos with other Facebook friends.

Facebook’s Portal TV device will let you “co-watch” Facebook videos with other Facebook friends.

Facebook announced a new entry in its range of Portal smart displays, the Portal TV – designed to make use of your big-screen TV ( imagine for large-scale video calls with granny)/

Clipping to the top of a flatscreen TV, the Portal TV is essentially hacks your television’s screen and speakers, turning it into a smart display far larger than the 10-inch Portal or eight-inch Portal Mini. Integrated speakers also allow you to speak with an Alexa or Portal smart assistant even when your TV is off, while a Watch Together feature synchronizes Facebook Watch shows over calls.

The problem is that Facebook may have a very tough time convincing people to put their new Portal video streaming devices in their living rooms—at least people who care about their privacy. But wait! That’s not all. Facebook has also confirmed that when you bark a command at a Portal, Facebook contractors may end up listening to what you say.

Facebook suffered a major security breach that exposed the personal information of nearly 30 million users, and admitted earlier this year that up to 87 million users had their data harvested without permission by political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. Those blunders, along with other recent breaches of trust (such as misusing two-factor authentication numbers for targeted ads), could turn users off the idea of a Facebook-powered TV camera. For some reason, the company also thinks users will be comfortable placing a Facebook-branded camera by their TV, one that would watch them while they watch television.