Feeding Gets Smart: Tech Delivers Full Bellies


Three Female Innovators Delivering Fuller Bellies and Fuller Hearts

Oh baby! With my due date 3 short months away, all things baby tech are of course top of mind.

Feeding is the essential job to keep your little ones alive and healthy. Should be simple right? In actuality feeding is one of the most stressful tasks new moms face.

This past month at CES, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel of 3 leading edge innovators in the breastfeeding space. It was inspirational to learn from 3 female founders, designing products for women. Their advanced solutions broke ground for mommies and will continue to knock down barriers that have existed for centuries.

Technology is changing faster than we can keep up, and innovations from companies like Elvie, Blue Smart, and Imalac, are helping moms wave goodbye to the antiquated breast pump.

Let’s cover what makes these products life-changing for moms and babies.

Elvie Pump:


Did you know that breastfeeding in public just became legal in all 50 states in the past 6 months? Talk about pumped up. But how do we keep our babies nourished, while still feeling comfortable enough to pump in public? Tania Boler, co-founder, and CEO of Elvie highlighted that there’s a big difference between hiding vs. being discrete/hands-free.

“Women want discrete hands free pumps and to be able to go on about their day-to-day. As a brand, that is empowering to give women back that confidence and control.”

Women need to do it where they feel comfortable doing it. With a product like the Elvie pump, gone are the days of needing to sneak into the nearest bathroom to fill bottles with breast milk. With this discrete innovation, now moms can simply slip the device into their shirt and let the pumping do itself. It’s the first silent wearable breast pump, allowing hassle-free pumping, anywhere. anytime.

Blue Smart Mia: 


One of the missions of Blue Smart is to ‘simplify parenting’. Moms will be moms, but we’ll also be crushing our careers at the same time. With babies come both special moments and the struggle of juggling work + babies each day. Gisel Xie, new time mom and co-founder of Blue Smart Mia created an innovative way to be a boss and keep her baby fed. She spoke about how in today’s modern day, many women choose to go back to work after maternity leave, and why women deserve to have a little bit of technology to make their lives easier.

“I’m a mom, but I want to be myself also. I want to be able to pursue my career dream while knowing my family and babies are taken care of.”  

With infinite questions when it comes to breastfeeding for new time moms (what, when, how much your baby should be eating), the smart sleeve puts moms at ease so they can work work work work work and feed feed feed feed feed.



Imalac is designed to help women meet and exceed their breastfeeding goals. Noreen Gordon Sablotsky, founder & CEO of Imalac voiced the power of women founders stepping forward in this space “I think this in particular with a breastfeeding issue, we have women stepping forward as entrepreneurs in the technology field, that was not originally getting solved for women.”

Imalac is even making strides to make their product more accessible to women who can’t afford it. They are in the process of developing a rental system, so everyone can benefit from breastfeeding.

Even though these products are ‘high tech’, they are solving a problem that women are still dealing with. I feel empowered and grateful to be pregnant during an innovative time where female founders are making a seat at the table in this space.

As far as the future goes, I can’t wait to see all of the badass baby tech products to make moms and babies lives happy, healthy and tech forward.

If you think there’s a device I should know about or want reviewed, leave a comment below.