TechSesh’s Guide to Registering at buybuy BABY

buybuy Baby

Thank you buybuy BABY for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions are 100% my own!

I’m less than 2 months away from mom life! Can you believe it?! I have been trying to get everything in order to make sure we have everything we *think* we need. With my baby shower this weekend, I figured what better time than now to share my guide to registering at buybuy BABY! If you ever buy baby gifts for friends, or are an expecting mom, you will want to read this post.

When buybuy BABY asked me to take a tour of the store – and learn more about their registry – it was a no-brainer. So many friends and family have shared their positive experiences and I’ve bought all my gifts for expecting parents from there. Plus I love all the 20% off coupons (who doesn't like a good deal? )

After going through the process of registering there myself, I now see why. In this blog, I will give you an inside look at what to expect when registering at buybuy BABY along with a few of my must-have items that will make life easier, ehem all the tech in the store!

Let’s start with the options of how to register at buybuy BABY:

  1. Call your local buybuy Baby to make an appointment

  2. Go to their website to make an appointment

  3. Start creating your registry online

When initially starting the registry process, we set up an appointment with one of buybuy BABY specialists who sat us down and talked us through how everything works. After a few minutes of getting our basic information, we were then greeted by our buybuy BABY registry consultant who took us through the store. As many of you know, this is our first baby so I was pretty much clueless on everything we needed… and well, didn’t need. I brought along my amazing sister-in-law, Sharon, who is a super mom of three to help and it made the process even easier and fun. We went down each item and I had my helpful registry consultant and Sharon to give me their opinions. I loved how they agreed on almost all the brands!

Looking at the thousands of carseats and strollers I was thinking, “how in the world am I supposed to know which one is the best/will work best for our baby?” Thank goodness these ladies were there to help.

Looking at the thousands of carseats and strollers I was thinking, “how in the world am I supposed to know which one is the best/will work best for our baby?” Thank goodness these ladies were there to help.

Top Items we Registered for:

For a first-time mom-to-be it’s hard determining what we really need versus things you can skip out on. Obviously, I’m no baby expert, rather a tech expert, but I’ve done a lot of research and asked all the mommas, went off suggestions, reviews, blogs, etc.–but I learned pretty quickly which will help me, and which will be a waste of $$. It can be easy to go overboard but here are what I think are must-have items to register for…

I divided up this post into categories to make it easier, so let’s get started.

Tuned-in Tech

tuned-in baby tech

Nanit Plus Video Wall Mount Baby Monitor with Sleep Tracking: I am obsessed with my sleep and after the baby comes, we all know it’s the lack thereof. The Nanit smart nursery monitor was designed to help you and your baby sleep like a baby and with peace of mind. With Nanit, you'll know everything that happens in your baby's crib, and when it's happening. The overhead camera processes everything it sees into real, personalized guidance to help your baby, and you, sleep better.

Hatch Baby Grow Smart Scale: Changing pad meets connected smart scale to help track your baby’s weight gain, feeding amounts, and diaper changes. It’s soft, comfortable and wipeable.

You place baby on it before and then after a nursing feed to weigh him/her in order to see how much milk baby transferred. The data goes to a smartphone app for easy tracking and you can also share with the pediatrician.

Moving around + Sleeping + Soothing


Marpac White Noise Machine: According to every mom, “shhhhhhh’s” a noise that helps all babies fall asleep. With a soothing "shushhh," the White Noise Machine helps baby fall asleep and stay asleep. Its non-digital system works without harsh sounds or looped recordings, and won't interfere with baby monitors or other electronics.

DockATot: I knew I wanted the DockATot the second I saw it on my friend’s registry. I bought her one and one for myself. I can already picture us having our baby in it while hanging on the couch and moving it everywhere we go.

Uppa Baby Vista Stroller: My best piece of advice is this test drive these badboys before purchasing. My requirements: Is it light enough to schlepp? Easy to Break down? Push? Does your bag fit? Does it fit in your car? If the answers are yes yes yes yes yes then go for it. If there’s a NO in there…thank you, next.



4moms mamaroo: Parents, you know you can’t take your eyes off your baby, not even for a second. These super-fun, plush and functional bouncers will keep baby busy and engaged, so you just might get to take that shower you’ve been dreaming of.

Designed with mom in mind, mamaRoo’s five unique motions move just like you do, so baby never feels far from your touch. Built-in noise machines keep baby calm.

Feeding +  Diapering


Medela Symphony Breast Pump: If you’re considering breastfeeding, you definitely have thought about pumping. You know, like what happens when you’re away from baby and someone else is handling feeding? What if you want to keep a steady supply in the freezer to just give your body a break? The right breast pump can be a new mom’s superhero and is easily a baby registry staple. But just like most nursery products and gear, there are several factors to consider before choosing the breast pump that’s right for you.

After much research, I went with the Medela Symphony. It’s a hospital grade breast pump, and helps achieve maximum pumping volume at maximum comfort. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Wipe Warmer: This is one of those things that’s not necessary, but babies would obviously have nice warm wipes instead of cold ones, you know?

My Breast Friend pillow: Great for nursing, it clips onto your back, offering more posture support and also allowing the baby to nurse without that painful hunch. I also put the Boppy on the registry and will come back with what I prefer.


Perks of Registering at buybuy BABY

  • You get the amazing consultant to help you throughout the registry process

  • When you register you receive a goody bag full of samples and coupons

  • You receive 10% off what’s left on your registry 6 weeks before your due date

  • You get 20% off coupons

  • When you refer a friend you receive a $25 gift card

  • If friends and family spend $1500 on products in your baby registry you qualify for free shipping for a year after your baby’s due date. Free shipping is incredibly helpful for a new mom.

Please share your must-haves in the comments below! Also, let me know if you guys have any thoughts on my list–additions, experiences with these products, etc. I am definitely open to hearing feedback!