Benefit Cosmetics' New Campaign Has Hit a Nerve

"Skip Class, Not Concealer"-- This is Benefit Cosmetics' new campaign tagline. In my opinion, their new ad is telling young women that it is more important for them to be pretty than smart. I'm not alone. People around the web are posting the hashtag #SkipBenefitNotClass in response to Benefit's campaign.

I tweeted about the ad, and actually got a reply from Benefit Cosmetics. They apologized, but made no mention of pulling this disappointing campaign. 

Here are some of the #SkipBenefitNotClass messages from around the web: 

This all started when the ad caught the attention of a teacher in Scotland, Josh Key, who worried it showed young women that they "just need to be pretty" and encouraged them to devalue their education. So far, some shops have agreed to take down the adverts, but Benefit Cosmetics has not taken any action to change their controversial campaign.

Hopefully Benefit Cosmetics realizes that brainy, beautiful girls are a force to be reckoned with. I'll take class over concealer any day. 

Snapchat's New Feature Could Be a Major Threat to User Privacy

snapchat image.jpg

Innovative or invasive? Snapchat's newest feature called SnapMap is part exciting (great technology), but also part concerning. The roll out allows its millions of daily users to share their location with Friends through an opt-in function that shows your location on a map. Snapchat created this feature to help users get even more connected to their friends, but many have noticed the very real risks the SnapMap poses for user privacy and security.

When Snapchat released a video to announce Snap Map, it did not mention that if users aren’t careful, their exact location will be broadcast to all of their friends every time they open the app. User locations are updated every time they open the app, and remain on the Map for 8 hours.

One of the most concerning aspects of SnapMap is that users can see exactly where their friends are, revealing home addresses and locations to everyone on their friend list. This is particularly risky since many people may have β€œfriends” on Snapchat that they do not actually know in real-life. Snapchat has a minimum age of 13 for its users, but many young teens and children use the app to send pictures to their friends or just play around with the filters. These young users may not realize that every time they open Snapchat to play with the doggy filter, their location is broadcast to everyone they are connected to on the app. The way Snap Map currently functions provides ample opportunity for lurking, stalking, and other dangerous activities with real-life consequences.

Snapchat has responded to the concerns about their new feature, stating that user safety is a priority and reminding users of the ways to avoid having your location made public. Users have the option to let some or all of their friends have access to their location, or keep the information to themselves. 

Here's how you keep can your location private: once you enter SnapMap, go into β€œGhost Mode." While in Ghost Mode, you will be able to see others’ locations without them knowing where you are.

What do you think about the way Snapchat can access and share your exact location?

Upgrade Dad this Father's Day with gifts he won't stick in a drawer

Father’s Day is just a few days away and by now you already have a gift for dad, right? If you don't -- you're not the only one and you've come to the right place. 

Gadgets are a great place to start so here are some last minute ideas for the special men in your life. Whether he's a savvy IT dad, or not here are gifts he'll love that won't break the bank.

For the photographer in your life

The ZTE Blade X Max phone will make sure he’ll be getting a lot more than 10 likes on Facebook. With a 6 inch HD display, equipped with 13 megapixels, and a battery good enough to last through an entire day with ease and a little left over for the next morning, this phone is a steal. This phone has a rear and front facing camera that can help the man in your life record, snap, and share in both landscape and portrait mode . It’s available for only $150 on Cricket Wireless. Such a great gift for your dad who loves taking pictures of everything.

For the man in your life who is a always on the go

The Travel RockStarβ„’ Battery Pack + Charger + Surge is a go-to for traveling. With one USB port, two outlets, surge protection, and it’s packable design it has everything you need to keep charged on long trips or just long days.

For the music man

These IFROGZ Charisma Wireless Earbuds are amazing for a dad who loves
his tunes, is always chatting on his phone, and is busy. Let's be honest, I've seen my dad tangled in his headphones more than once. They have this awesome clip, so they don’t fall out, fit comfortably into your ears and give amazing sound quality. These are a must have.