Benefit Cosmetics' new campaign has hit a nerve

"Skip Class, Not Concealer"-- This is Benefit Cosmetics' new campaign tagline. In my opinion, their new ad is telling young women that it is more important for them to be pretty than smart. I'm not alone. People around the web are posting the hashtag #SkipBenefitNotClass in response to Benefit's campaign.

I tweeted about the ad, and actually got a reply from Benefit Cosmetics. They apologized, but made no mention of pulling this disappointing campaign. 

Here are some of the #SkipBenefitNotClass messages from around the web: 

This all started when the ad caught the attention of a teacher in Scotland, Josh Key, who worried it showed young women that they "just need to be pretty" and encouraged them to devalue their education. So far, some shops have agreed to take down the adverts, but Benefit Cosmetics has not taken any action to change their controversial campaign.

Hopefully Benefit Cosmetics realizes that brainy, beautiful girls are a force to be reckoned with. I'll take class over concealer any day.