Polaroid Pop Review

Oh Snap, the Polaroid is back! But this time around, you don’t even need to sha-sha-shake it like a polaroid picture. 

The iconic brand (yes long before there was Instagram, there was Polaroid) introduced an instant digital camera for the perfect blend of nostalgia & modern design. Meet the Polaroid Pop.


You can capture—and print—all your favorite moments in the signature 3.5×4.25” Polaroid border format. You can even sync the camera with your phone, transforming it into an instant photo printer that you can use on the go. 

The digital camera lets users shoot and instantly print full-color photos as 3.5x4.25" Polaroid border prints, or capture 1080p full HD video recording capability or GIFs. The camera can also connect to a mobile device using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing users to further share their photos with family and friends. 

By the way, it doesn’t use ink, all the color is in the picture, it’s a ZINK Zero Ink printer to create a stylish, versatile photography tool. I like how it’s water resistant and smudge proof.




Our first impression of the Polaroid POP was a positive one. The camera is using new tech to make its most popular product of all time-- so you’re getting the best of both worlds. Ok I’m feeling a little nostalgic. The camera’s small size combined with the 20 megapixel sensor and dual LED flash is a reason to be excited. I’m Geeking out 24/7. The build quality of the camera feels light and has a square-shaped plastic body.

You can make the adjustments in the menu to accommodate the low light situation. But are you taking picture or using video. either way that adjustment can be done. You can see this in the manual. 

The camera supports SD card formats up to 128 GB, which is a nice touch to go along with the HD video. 

The output from the Pop is cleaner and more like a modern day print, except that it is semi-instant and emerges from the top of the camera.


The most impressive feature of the Polaroid POP was its video recording capability. The 1080p quality looked great in comparison to the rest of the features.They made it small enough to take anywhere with you and yet the screen is big enough for easy navigation. The paper is a bit pricey, but that is expected. 

The printing takes about a minute and the prints are of expected quality. I like that it is something physical versus just digital. The paper is equal in weight to the at-home digital prints. I previously had the Fuji Instax, which I wanted to like but hated the size of the camera. it was too bulky. This is slightly bigger, but the pictures that come out at MUCH LARGER, so that makes up for it.This is a real fun instant camera. Greatly recommend for parties and instant memories on vacation.