If you're traveling, don't leave the house without these apps

Here are some of my favorite apps to make traveling a breeze.

You never know when it might break out into a thunderstorm , or a heatwave can come out of nowhere! With Carrot Weather, you can quit trying to decipher the weather forecast on the evening news, especially if it’s in a foreign language! Carrot Weather adds a little humor to your weather forecast, with more than 2,000 lines of snarky commentary to go along with in-depth and easy-to-read weather updates.

There’s nothing scarier than getting lost in a foreign country! Citymapper makes it super easy to get around, wherever you are! Whether you’re trying to find the most visited landmark in the city or a hole-in-the-wall burger place, Citymapper can get you there. After your trip, Citymapper will even give you a digital receipt, complete with how may cupcakes you burned off on your walk!

The TripIt app lets you be your own travel agent and plan every moment of your trip. You can forward your email confirmations from flights, hotels, and rental cars, then sit back and watch the app work its magic and create your custom itinerary. You can get TripIt in the App Store for free or pay 99 cents for an ad-free version.

What are your favorite travel apps and gadgets? I’d love to hear your suggestions!