Samsung Galaxy S8 is here with the biggest redesign ever


With super slim bezels and software buttons, this Samsung’s biggest redesign ever!

Samsung is betting on jam-packed features and a slick design to take back the No. 1 spot in global smartphone sales-, and If it succeeds, Samsung can go back to being one of the premier smartphone makers.

Apart from making sure that the gadget won't catch fire this time, this phone is a big deal, it has tons of functionality!

The Samsung S8 has a taller, curved screen, encrypted facial recognition, deeper display colors, a system-wide voice control, and the ability to turn into a desktop computer! What!

Bixby, the new Samsung voice assistant, lets you control the device with your voice. With Siri on the iPhone, you need to hold down the home button and you can only do certain actions in the voice application, but on the Samsung phone, it's a system-wide voice control with a ton of extra uses and features, and the facial recognition is very interesting as well, with encryption for sending payments and more.

How critical is the S8 for Samsung right now? 

This is really make-it-or-break-it for Samsung. If it succeeds, Samsung can go back to being one of the premier smartphone makers. If it flops, then Samsung is in a really bad position, especially after the bad press and marketing around the battery explosion situation with the Note7 last fall. Samsung definitely needs a win with this device.

2017 is a year of massive change for smartphone industry. We are looking at screens as a key component of that. Earlier this year, LG came out with a taller display for their G6 phone and Samsung is now transitioning to that with their S8. There are no bezels around the screen itself, the screen sizes are actually much larger, but the phones themselves are much smaller. So it's more productivity, more features, but in a smaller handset which is what people want these days!

If Samsung doesn't get good reviews and positive feedback, then Apple is right on their heels. Apple is announcing their new phone this fall, and it is likely to have a lot of the features we saw Samsung introduce today. And you know that with Apple's manufacturing expertise, they are not likely to have any explosion issues like Samsung did last year. It's going to have the smaller bezels on the side, a sharper OLED display, and more, so the competition is really going to heat up towards the holiday season!

You can pre-order the phones beginning at 12:01 a.m. on March 30, on They will officially be available on April 21. Both models come in three pretty colors: Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, and, our personal favorite, Orchid Gray.