Cooking in Tech: The Moen Faucet with Motionsense

Moen MotionSense

A motion sensor kitchen faucet? Yeah, sign me up! I got hands off with the Moen Faucet with Motionsense wave technology and let my gravity do the work for me. 

A techie true and true, I love any way to update my home and make it the most efficient space for me. Not only is it cozy but it can now help with the chores! One of the first benefits is cleanliness! Let’s be honest, cooking can get messy and I hate greasy hands touching the faucet handle to just to turn it on - but not with this. I can slip my dirty hands under and clean them fast and simple! Maybe I should time how much faster my cooking gets?

A benefit for our environment, and especially us Cali folks - this is a great way to conserve my water without even thinking. There’s no running unnecessary water - it gives when you need. And if you have kids or a husband who always leave a dripping faucet - that will be an issue of the past. It also automatically turns off on it’s own when running for too long.

Watch to find out just how helpful this sink really can be! Maybe, you'll be adding this to your kitchen too.